Don’t forget Joshua, After a vibrant 6 months

Hello Everyone,

Time creeps up on you while you aren’t looking. On a monthly basis, my life sometimes isn’t as exciting that there is so much to write about. But over a span of 6 months, so many things can happen.

Let’s give you a taste of the major events since the start of this year. In Jan, I was fresh and back in school. Meeting new friends and learning new subjects. Like a spring time, where everything is new. Then things start to take a turn for the “what-is-going-on-around-here?”

In Feb, I was dancing for my life. This culminated in the Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony dance competition, where my team got 12th out of 16th place. It’s pretty ok, considering we are one of the weaker dance teams. School work wise, I have already figured out that this is probably my most difficult semester, mainly because I have to take Accounting 2 in it.

In Mar and Apr, leisure activities start to die down, but school work starts picking up. I’m also going for internship interviews here and there. Not to mention all this while in the background, my personal relations since the start of the year have been on a roller coaster ride too. Towards the end of the month, things quiet down as everyone prepares for the exams, and everything non-exam related is put on hold.

In May, the exams arrive, with my having one exam more than the most of my peers studying business. I get into a study routine to combat the exams. Internship soon follows after, and I am forced into a new routine, the kind that every other working adult knows.

The whole of Jun passed me by while I slogged away. Internship brought me to Jurong Island, where I was rotated between two chemical plants there. The locale, with all its metal and machines, is interesting enough at first, but it soon becomes a usual daily sight. On an odd note, I start the hobby of ice skating which happens weekly and is still ongoing.

Now in Jul, the internship of 10 weeks is coming to an end. I finally learn the value of money. Hard work is hard. Even worse then you don’t really enjoy it, or if it’s not something you really want to do. I am very appreciative of what my parents have gone through to afford raising me up. Money really isn’t cheap when it’s bought with sweat and blood.

All these events are a testament to the variety and vibrancy of my life. The good, the bad, and the boring all mixed in together. Comparatively the boring is far more a terror than even the worse of the ‘bad’ events. Such vibrancy is how I wish to live, and interesting life is one worth living. All your life events make you who you are. Even the bad events that happened make my life unique, and make me appreciate the good things more. Though I would prefer doing away with the boring bits. I won’t want my life to pass me by while I am slogging away.

Let’s keep in touch! Do reply me and tell me how you are. Whatever you do, don’t forget me.