Don’t forget Joshua, Dec’12, the world didn’t end yet

Hello Everyone,

It’s a big hello from Melbourne Australia this time round! I’m here for 21 days, seeing the sights and talking to locals. I’m here for Christmas and the New Year as well. Can’t wait to see what the New Year celebrations here are like. I got tired of celebrating it in Singapore a long time ago. Normally I would just stay at home, but not this time!

This trip is also my first one travelling alone. I wanted to see how travelling alone is like. Granted, I’m staying with my aunts and they take me to some places, I do have the freedom of travelling alone. So far, I realise that travelling alone is pretty boring really. There is no one to share your experience and to talk about inside jokes that you see in your travels. The places to visit and the things to see are inherently fun on their own, although bringing a friend with you might add to the enjoyment.

So far, I have been to the seaside, the mountains, the city, the country towns, and even a waterfall where I drank fresh mountain water. The seaside was beautiful as well. It was a small peninsula, with the ocean on one side and an inland sea on the other. It was a scenic trek to the tip of the peninsula, ending at an abandoned fort, on the top of which, you can see blue water for miles and miles.

I had a good family Christmas too. It was with good western food, as compared to the usual Chinese food that my grandmother makes this time of year. Not that she’s a bad cook, mind you. Family accompanied the Christmas lunch. We even went to a park together. The park was full of ducks, and I even caught a bright yellow duckling.

Tell me how your holidays went! =)

Let’s keep in touch! Do reply me and tell me how you are. Whatever you do, don’t forget me.