Don’t Forget Joshua May 2012

It has been a long time since I wrote here. Sometimes it’s more busy in Uni, than in army. Lots of things are going on in school.

I had my first dance performance in March. It was great. Funny thing you don’t feel conscience of the audience when you are on stage. Then again, when we were up there, only the stage was lit. The feeling you get after a successful performance, of any kind, is really one of a kind.

Right now I’m in the summer holidays of Uni, which means I already been in Uni for one year now. Going on to year 2. It’s pretty fast. Life outside of the army moves faster I guess. Feeling more alive day by day!

Going into year two, I’ll have to be choosing my specialisation. In NBS (Nanyang Business School), business students have to choose from 6 specialisations. I want to get into Banking and Finance, though I’m not sure if my grades can bring me there. If not, I’ll get into Marketing, my 2nd choice, which is probably the most fun choice of the 6 too.

Like I said, it’s the holidays now, but don’t think I’m super free all day long. I have stuff to do! I’ll tell you what stuff I have on if you will meet me, friends. You’ll probably have to book an appointment. Haha.

Let’s keep in touch! Do reply me and tell me how you are. Whatever you do, don’t forget me.