I’m part of a new business forum!

In the past, I setup a business forum called Singapore Start-up Forum, or SSuF.biz. It died a natural death, and in recent months, I recreated it as SGpreneur.com.

I wanted to find the business partners I needed, and forge the connections with other entrepreneurs in Singapore. I wanted to get into business, but started with no ideas, no contacts, and no funds. If I had much problems, then others must have them too. That was my reasoning for starting online business forums for Singapore entreprensurs in the first place.

Now, I have joined a website that could do what SSuF.biz and SGpreneur.com both could do and so much more! Let me introduce you to AllAboutBusiness.sg (or AAB.sg).

AllAboutBusiness.sg is also an online business forum for Singapore entrepreneurs. Just like my previous websites, the goal is the same. To connect the entrepreneurs of Singapore together. To make sure anyone who wants to be a entrepreneur won’t be left behind.

The difference that AllAboutBusiness.sg has over my old websites is the network. AAB.sg has a ready network of business experts ready to answer any questions and give advice. These experts are there on top of the other members who know a thing or two. Basically, AAB.sg is the place to learn more about business from the people already in the loop. This was something I could not achieve with my previous sites.

Please join ALLAboutBusiness.sg if you are a new or experienced entrepreneur. There is something for everyone there. You could learn new business insider knowledge, help someone less experienced than you, or maybe even meet your future business partner.